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Welcome! I'm Mandy - head florist at Flowers by Mandy. I started this company because I LOVE creating beautiful wedding bouquets at affordable prices. When I got married 10 years ago, we didn't have thousands of dollars in our budget for flowers. I found meeting with wedding florists to be intimidating and embarrassing because in my experience they made it clear I was wasting their time if I wasn't interested in a full traditional floristry package. Having worked in the floral industry for a few years now, I understand why wedding florals can be so expensive. By the time florists factor in consultations, planning, materials, transportation and travel, installation engineering, customer service, and physical labor - it adds up!


My solution to this problem is to offer affordable bridal sets for just the groom and bride, and/or to provide bridesmaid bouquet workshops or DIY flower buckets that allow the wedding party to do some of the labor. I wish someone had told me, "We can still create a stunning bouquet for you, even if you need to forego some of the other traditional wedding flowers to stay within your budget!"


Brides typically incorporate the bouquet parties into their bachelorette party usually 1-2 days before the wedding. I come to their location and provide all the materials and instruction on creating bridesmaid bouquets. Bridesmaids always rave about how fun it was to create their own bouquets. If you want a party that people will remember, then you'll want to book a bouquet party.


I am located in Provo, Utah, and I work mainly within Utah County. However, I can travel to any location within the state of Utah (I'm looking at you Southern Utah sweethearts)! Travel and delivery fees outside of Utah County include a $100 delivery fee and a $150/per night fee for any necessary overnight travel. Delivery within Utah County is free.

As the owner of a Utah business I strive to support the local economy by using locally grown Utah flowers whenever possible. One of the benefits of working with me is that I have great working relationships with several of the local premiere flower farms within the state. That means I know how the flowers I use are grown and I can source pesticide free flowers that are healthier to handle and can be used on food products like wedding cakes.

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I always start the process with my clients with a free zoom consultation. This consultation is meant to be a low stress brainstorming session. During consultations I'll go over your floral needs and vision. Some couples like to have inspiration images prepared for the consultation. Other couples like to get ideas during the consultation. I will gather information about your preferences on flower types, textures, and colors. I'll also cover pricing, but be assured I do not try to upsell clients during consultations.


Transparency is one of our most important business values, and all of our pricing can be found on our website ahead of time. If the couple decides to move forward with ordering flowers I'll create an invoice and book their specific dates in my calendar. After that I will be in touch as needed, but I encourage couples to reach out to me at any time if they have changes or concerns. I get excited about working with fun and easy-going couples, and I look forward to meeting YOU! 

Let’s Work Together

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